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October 28, 2006



I tried green tomato pie this year, and that wasn't a great success. It tasted just like apple pie, but was more hassle and an unusual texture.

I made "fried" green tomatoes in the oven, like I make "fried" eggplant for eggplant parm. It worked out great and we all loved it. As a bonus, I didn't burn myself.


Wow. All I got were three puny cherry tomatos from 5 plants.



I wish I had green tomatos so I could try this!


Just ran across you while googling split pea soup. I love good soup and it looks as if visiting here will become a ritual.

And I love beefcake.


Hmm. After thinking about the recipe for a moment, might I suggest omitting the honey, and using a flour-butter (or even a olive oil-chickpea flour) roux as a thickener? I recently made a massaman curry butternut squash-sweet potato soup with peanuts and had a good result using the roux to mellow the flavor and "soupify" the end product. :)


Fabio...I'm sorry...what were we talking about?


Mmmm! That sounds delicious! I think I'll be a frequent visitor to this blog. I love SOUP!


Soup Lady, come back!

Cindy Pierce

I've got LOTS of green tomatoes! any other recipes?

simon saunders

That recipe sounds so delicious - I'll have to rush out and buy some green tomatoes.Pronto.

Fabio - now, is that a name or an adjective? He looks kinda hot, but I'd not sure I'd want that hair anywhere near my lovely soup. Imagine!


All I have are green tomatoes this year. So i'm pretty sure i will give it a try but i think i will omit the potatoes and use jasmine rice and add some shredded chicken so i don't go to bed hungry.


soooo many green tomatoes this year! and sooooo many soup recipes to be tried at this site! excellent find! =)

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