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December 12, 2005


Vincent Pera

I would like the recipe or this soup served at carrabas

Claudia Brooks

Wasn't feeling good today so I thought some lentil soup would be good. I made the recipe with a slight twist. I don't like celery so left that out, I put a handful of rice in the mix and used cayenne pepper instead of the pepper flakes. I like the hot cayenne. Terrific!!


OMIGAWD!!! I have been cooking lentils for years. I went to Carrabba's for the first time a few weeks ago. I saw the soup on their menu. Expecting it not to be as good as mine ~ I ordered the "small". What a tease!!! It was better than my meal! Anyway, I came home, went straight to their website ~ saw that I would have to buy their cookbook! (so dissapointed) Imagine my shock to see that the soup has been "googled" & that there are others who enjoy it as much as I ~ & you have given a recipe!!! Bless You!!! I will make this first thing today!


My husband and I had this soup at Carrabba's last week for the first time, and we fell in love with it. When I came across this recipe, I had to try it. It was GREAT!! I did substitute the spicy sausage with spicy turkey sausage. My husband couldn't tell the difference. Thanks for the recipe.


I have been making Italian Sausage and Lentil soup for many years, I usually add a choice vinegar at the end, plus...a tablespoon or so of Dijon mustard stirred into soup at the finish is delightful!


Frank/Ed: One 28 oz can of tomato's works great. This is a FABulous recipe!


Does this freeze well?


I too have come looking for this recipe after tasting Carrabbas Italian Lentil soup, and I have to say it's delicious!!! It wasnt until I read the "blend 1/3 of the soup and add it back" that I got the right consistency-- thaaaank you!!!!


I use 1/2 chicken stock and 1/2 beef stock. It gives it a heartier flavor. I brown the sausage pieces (without the casing) a little in the veggie pan before I add it to the pot. I gets better on day 2- if there's any left!


Made this soup last week and I am off to buy the ingrediants again. The soup is delicious!


the soup at carrabbas is not leftovers.  they follow very strict recipes to ensure consistency in all of the restaurants.  if you live near a carrabbas, you should go and try it.  everything is homeade and fresh..spoken from experience..


This soup is absolutely the best. I have made it once a week for the last three weeks. My husband asked what would be wrong if we had it for lunch and dinner forever. I have even had it for breakfast.
Great website.


My husband and I absolutely loved this recipe! I found the recipe and shortly after we went to Carrabba's to sample the soup and see if there was anything else we should add when making your recipe; the only things we found different in the Carrabba's version were bits of red bell pepper (I added half to this recipe) and some bacon floating around in there (I added three raw slices of center cut bacon while the soup was simmering). We also used low-fat hot chicken sausage instead of regular pork sausage. The result-- if I had been blindfolded while eating the soup I made, I would have thought Johnny Carrabba snuck into my house and served his soup instead. Thank you for this recipe!!

neil willey

mmmmmmmmmm.....just cooking this and the aroma is amazing...not sure what size cans of tomato to use so i improvised, also added fresh baby spinach. the colours are great.


Lentil soup (or rice n lentils!) is one of the fall & winter joys! This sounds good. As Claudia said, a handful of (brown) rice is a great addition - & rice cooks in ~ the same time as lentils.

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