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November 05, 2005



I have always found it strange that Americans don't roast their pumpkins - why not? A wedge of salted roasted pumpkin along with your roast potatoes and kumera, smothered in gravy and mint sauce.....mmmmmm. We do have a different type of pumpkin here though, it's grey and very fleshy without being stringy in the least - you want some seeds? They are incredibly easy to grow, almost every compost pile has a pumpkin vine trailing around it and they are great for pumpkin soup too, don't know about that pie business though, that's just weird adding sugar to pumpkin!

Sharon GR

The "cheese" pumpkins and Hubbards do make for nice cooked pumpkin. Roasted pumpkin is great.

Lee, try the pie. You'll be amazed.


I had heard that canned pumpkin is actually canned Hubbard squash. I substitute baked butternut squash for every recipe that calls for pumpkin and have never been disappointed, but I just don't care for pumpkin--not even in pie.


Pumpkin soup! Pumpkin pie! Pumpkin ice cream! Roasted pumpkin! Pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin ravioli! There are just so many delicious things to do with pumpkins it's a shame we don't try them.

Our pumpkiny options are many. I'm pretty sure I've had pumpkin minestrone. Your revved-up recipe tastes great in my mind's mouth. You know?

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