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October 21, 2005


Mary Beth

Now that sounds lilke a reason to bring home some nice salmon. I love a good bean soup.

media in trouble

pass the gas-ex please

hehe sounds yummy

Stuck at work need dinner ideas

I hate the 'fishy taste' of salmon. It is too strong for my liking. But I will have to try this, afterall, there is a first time for everything.


Made this soup the other day - well sort of. Started with onions saute, along with some celery and a carrot; I used cannelli beans and used lots of garlic. After puree, really well, add chunks of cod (salmon just seemed too fishy). Omitted the cabbage and bacon too - just couldn't wrap my mind around that one, and since the bean puree tasted so good - I didn't want to blow a whole pot. It tastes like a creamy fish chowder - with out the cream. Served with green salad, and fresh bread. It was great - next time, I think I will add some extra fish, seafood like scallops -

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