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July 30, 2005



An entire blog devoted to soup? I love it. My only complaint is that there aren't any free samples.:(


That is disgusting. I thought that turtle soup went out in the 1900s and it was all "mock turtle" soup these days - a la Louis Carroll. So how many elephants does it take to make the elephant tomato orange soup? Just so I know for my next shop, they're a little hard to find over here.

(and as for Queen Victoria soup...)

Mary Beth

one word. Ewwwwww

I'd probably use more than one word when I called the place to ask if that was really true. I find it more likely that they would substitute fish for turtle than the other way around.


It's not that I didn't notice your post. It's that I was so stunned to find a new post here that I was wordless for a couple of days. Which, believe me, is shocking to more than just your soupness.


Or, you know, Your Soupness.


Welcome back, O Beneficent Bringer of Soup!

I would suspect (and hope) that the Red Snapper did indeed contain true snapper; after all, that *was* the Drake Hotel. ;)

Chalk it up to another case of Red Snapper that ain't. (see link)


Every so distant often, I treat myself to a Bookbinder's soup. Supermarkets have small cans.

Once I worked with a man who killed his own turtles for turtle soup and the process he described was diabolical and cruel. I love steak and pork chops and fish of all kinds but I can't bring myself to sample the turtle.

Perhaps I'm just wussy?


Bookbinder's Snapper (turtle) soup is addictive. I bought and served a can on a dare, and was really surprised at how good it was.


I'm sorry to laugh, but I'm phrom Philadelphia and grew up with this soup. I never liked it until I became preganant with my second child, at which point I required a cup per day.


According to this web site
there is no turtle in the red snapper soup as served at the Drake in Chicago.


"... yes, it was an exteremely tasty soup but if knew before hand what it really was, I would never have ordered it. And I certainly will not ever have it again."

Why ever not? If you enjoyed it, and it is not illegal, why do you refuse? Certainly you eat fish, and escargot, perhaps even frogs legs? Why do you draw a line at snapper?

Snapper soup (served with sherry) is pretty common on restaurant and diner menus here in the Philadelphia area. It frankly never occurred to me that it was a "local" dish.


From the Bookbinder's website:

SNAPPER SOUP: A traditional recipe with snapper turtle meat in a thick and rich seasoned tomato base, flavored with sherry wine.

No "red snaper" or fish substitute in the ingredients. And I do know the French restaurants in North Jersey paid folks fairly well for catching snapping turtles for their soups.


its actually red snappert they use at the drake hotel not snapper turtle whoever said it was a turtle should wear glasses cause the pieces of meat in the soup was obvioulsy fish

Alice Edmondson



Bookbinder's snapper soup is turtle, not red snapper. Tastes like beef, and very thick. You can get it at just about any grocery store in the Philadelphia area.

Bill Walsh

The Bookbinders snapper soup is turtle--the Drake's red-snapper soup is fish. In fact, red-snapper soup was a not uncommon menu item in old-fashioned restaurants in Washington, D.C., twenty or thirty years ago in my youth. Good stuff. And definitely fish.


I don't understand categorically refusing to eat something that you enjoyed based on nothing but arbitrary squeamishness. I've had that soup; it's phenomenal.


The Historic Piper Tavern, in Piper, Pennsylvnia serves "Snapper Soup Aux Sherry
The Tavern Master’s peppery favorite,
we’re told simply the best anywhere."
I didn't know Snapper Soup contains Maggi sauce, this version does - I asked the waitress thinking I tasted soy sauce. It's hideous.

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