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April 17, 2005


Little Mermaid

Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning

Hi folks, any idea how can I order this delicious seasoning from Rio de Janeiro Brasil???


Do you have an alternate seasoning, I love the seasoning, but am alergic to the MSG in it. I love your seasoning, but have found I can't use it now, because of the alergic reaction to the MSG.
Please let me know if you have an alternate seasoning with the same flavor.
Thanks, Tammy


Hey everyone I live in Harrison like five miles away from the plant we eat it on everything from baked potatoes to ice cream. Try it on popcorn or fries its to die for.


I just looked and the salt free has no msg and it tastes really close though ive only had it on popcorn

B. Cavender

There is a salt-free version of the Greek Seasoning that has no MSG. "Spike" Cavender was my uncle, and he loved good food. It is still a family business. Jane (Jane's Kitchen) will ship the seasoning anywhere in the country. Overseas, you can try the gourmet stores. I know that Fauchon in Paris carries it. For you heavy users, you can order it in 5-lb tubs. I re-fill my own shakers from the tubs and order the shakers from Jane to give as gifts.

Mary Schow

I live in upstate NY my zipcode is 12833, I would like to be able to go the store to buy your seasoning, is there a local store that you deliver to???


Hi I was looking at this seasoning on Amazon, here:


ANd it says "NO" MSG...

What do you think? Are they misrepresenting the item? I've just read so many negative things about MSG, I'm hoping it doesn't contain that chemical (It is a chemical right?). But if it's as yummy as you say it is, then dunno...

Please let me know what you think, I've been trying so hard to clean up my eating habits, and it's not easy... It took me 3 months to get off of Aspartame.

Thank you,



You can buy Cavender's at Safeway now.

Our favorite thing to do with it is brush all sorts of vegies - especially eggplant - with olive oil, sprinkle with Cavender's, then grill until tender. Serve in a pita with tzatziki sauce. Yum Yum!


Its also incredible on a toasted bagel with cream cheese, and I also added sliced tomatoes and cucumbers! Blew me away how good it was!!!

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