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April 17, 2005


Brian Crean


I am residing in Ireland and am not able to live without this delicious all purpose seasoning. This seasoning is no where available in Ireland. I wonder if its possible to order some through you.

Brian Crean
The Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning Addict

B. King

REcently, I was in the Deep South and tried the All Purpose Greek Seasoning; fell in love with it. Is there someplace in Sacrament, California where i can buy it. if not not, can I order it from you.

The Soup lady

No, I don't sell the stuff. If you are in the USA, you can use the order form on the Cavender's website:


go figure...we've been buying and using it up here for as long as I can remember....oh yea, I'm back..:)

luke spiros

Ned to order seaoning

luke spiros

How do I orfder this seasoning

Dr. Biggles

Oh yeah, it's nice. I keep the Greek on hand at all times, good easy.


Brian Crean

Hi, to whom it may concern,

As you can see in my earlier comment dated 26 April, 2005. I got no reply and am still empty handed with this delicious spices. Hope one of you will be able to help me to get my kitchen stocked up on time for Xmas.

Looking forward to a favourable reply

Tamara Shifrin


I live in Washington D.C. and stumbled across the seasoning myself and have been looking all over to buy more. With no luck. However, I just found the website that it can be ordered from.......www.cavendersseasoning.com/order. Print out the order from, fill out and mail with money order or check to Jane's Kitchen. P.O. Box 2272, Harrison, Arkansas 72602.

Happy Seasoning!


So here I am, about to start testing recipes to add to my collection for my personal chef biz, and the very first recipe I look at calls for this stuff.

Well, of course, I have never heard of such a thing, and it isn't in the supermarket, so I hit Google and YOU, of all people, are Hit #4 for that search term.

This, of course, does me no good this afternoon, so I will have to make do with the likely fresh substitutes (rosemary, thyme, oregano, etc.), but knowing this product has the Mr. Sami Vote Of Approval makes me far more likely to order some.

El Dorado

If in Northern California you can buy this at WinCo grocery store!

kathy hanson

I love this product!! I live in south georgia and buy it at winn-dixie.Try it on pizza,it's awesome!


I having been using Cavenders for 10 yrs., yesterday I stopped at my local grocery store-Giant, in VA. They no longer carry this item! Ekkkkkkk Guess I'll be ordering direct.


In No. California you can find it @ Raley's Supermarket. Picked some up yesterday as a matter of fact. 3 1/4 oz. for $1.69!


In Texas you can find it, well... pretty much any where. We love spices! :)


Available all over Alaska, take THAT lower-48! hehe

My favorite seasoning! :)

Suzette Jago

I just want to say I really like the Cavenders sasoning. I couldn't live
without it to use season things. I just
wanted let the Cavenders know that.

Suzette Jago

You can find it at most Supermarkets in
Garland and Rowlett,Tx.

lucas spiros

This is fabulous. I use it on virtually everything.

lucas spiros

It's the best seasoning in the world. No wonder the Greeks conquered the world.

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