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September 22, 2004



Looking forward to making some of the soups on your site! The nut soups (walnut, hickory, and chestnut) sound especially intriguing. I, too, am a toffee enthusiast (have you ever thought of toffee soup?)--it is perhaps the finest confection known to humanity. Recently had some excellent home-made toffee at a place called Goodies in Bend, Oregon. The perfect blend of crunch and flavor.

Mary Beth Goodman

I'm not sure if I'd like polenta in there, but count me as one who lists chicken livers as a totally guilty pleasure. Yum. And of course it makes me the blessed goddess amongst the furry herd. Please dear Lady, would you share just a scrap? Let ME lick, I mean scrape, the dishes before washing. you d'best.


I can't read the soup blog any more. The drool had damaged my keyboard.

Have you had soup at the restaurant at the corner of south and front sts. in South Philly? The one with outdoor seating? I can't recall the name at the moment, but they have a trio of soups served as an appetizer that are to die for. One is potato leek, another is a clear broth base, and I forget #3, but they are very very addictive.


Downeys! That's the restaurant name! Awesome soups. And that previous comment? HAS damaged the keyboard. Mad typing skilz, eh?

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