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April 03, 2004



::: proudly displays his official membership card to the sour cream club and gives the soup lady the secret handshake :::


Mother Ju has also been known to add zuchini or green onion to good effect. She uses a bit of matzo meal for a binder, if she uses anything at all. Also, cooking in olive oil is key if you want the Jewish experience.


oh, dear. you know i hate to disagree, but, my bubbie always taught me that if you don't use butter for your latkes, you should use chicken fat. she never went for any of that "fancy schancy olive oil" stuff. but, then, that was in chicago. though, i'm willing to bet that if she grew up in isreal she'd lean toward the olive oil faction. of course, there is no doubt about the sour cream.

real sour cream, no low fat stuff. no fake yogurt masquerading as sour cream and no soy sour cream. (lowers the "little white book - the sour cream manifesto") sorry... i get carried away.


Amen on the schmaltz, monkey, and real sour cream, nothing less. I was acting too post-modern, I admit--chicken fat isn't something even the Jewish elders in my family use anymore. That damn pressure to be healthy is killing our culture!


Dare I ask if the potatoes can be grated on a food processor?

Martha Sucks at cooking!

Polski grrl

NOT IN THE FOOD PROCESSOR!! makes em too mushy. That much I learned, even though I have a long way to go to get as good as my mom's Potato Pancakes. She used a flat wire grater, and made sure each of us girls had our own when we started out on "our lives."
As for Martha putting the potatoes in ice water, ptooey, that takes out the starch. Ma's potatoes always turned a little "pink" while in the waiting line for cooking, but this did not deter the taste or our great expectations.

Here is a deviant for you: APPLESAUCE??? ew.


love this site. just love it.


...or make them small (2"), saute in clarified butter and top with beluga caviar and a dollop of creme fraiche. This does not make you a bad person!

Mimi Zakson

Does anyone know where you can buy a wire grater?


I need one of those flat wire graters. My mom-in-law brought one from germany in the 40's and it finally broke and she wants another one. Anyone know where i can purchase a few?


Does anyone know where I can buy a flat wire grater to make good potato pancakes??? Need one of the old style ones.
I had found one similar at Sur LaTable however the holes in it are much smaller and it does NOT do the same good job as the one my mother had.
don't get to this board very often but love it. please email me directly if you know where to get one & please put potato in subject thanks hugabear7@aol.com

Mrs G

I am looking for a flat wire grater also. They really do allow you to make the best potato pancakes.

Mrs G

I found a place where you can buy them. Lucky Me


I want to make some potatoe pancakes with canned mackeral in them.. A few of my friends say this is something they grew up with but I've never tried it. They used Connor's canned mackeral in the big oval cans. Has anyone here had this?

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