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March 28, 2004



Oh Sue Plady, that sounds ethereal. I don't have a blender or a hand held, but I think I can figure something out.

By the way, in the past two or three months I have been on a soup binge, making my own versions of mulligatawny, italian wedding, chicken, spicy tomato, and a few other soups, all in low-fat, low-carb, no sugar versions. And all of them creating that feeling of being cared for and content that only a nice bowl of soup can bring.


I will definitely try that. It' sounds great. I make homemade soup at least once and often twice a week. I think I'll try a few more of your offerings as well.

thanks a lot.

And have a great weekend.

Dear Soup Lady,
Pea soup sounds great, but how much stock?


Just to let you know, I am going to try it. I have the peas and your soup sounded good to me. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks.


Dear Soup Lady -

Can you please tell us how much stock to use in this recipe?



Dear Soup Lady,

Could you please tell me how much stock to use and how many does this recipe serve?



Thank you.

Is the green pea soup gluten free and suitable for someone who can't eat gluten. I'm assuming so. I don't want to make my lunch guest ill.


Worst layout ever for a recipe.

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