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January 23, 2004


Kathryn Grover

I beg to differ with respect to one line of the lyrics to the Beefaroni song, which I agree was a fabulous jingle.
I think the second line was, "It's made from macaroni."
So: "We're having Beefaroni/It's made from macaroni."
And, yes, Chef Boyardee was real. Franco American was an NJ company that begs to be researched.

Beak Snot

"It's made from macaroni" is incorrect. "Beef and macaroni" is the correct lyric.

We're having Beefaroni
Beef and macaroni
Beefaroni's full of meat
Beefaroni's really neat
Beefaroni's fun to eat
Hooray for Beefaroni

There is a little-known bridge to this song which I'm having trouble deciphering but begins...
"Tomato sauce, all sunny and bright"

Then continues...

We're having Beefaroni

"Chef Boyardee's Beefaroni has more body-building protein for lunch than most soups or sandwiches. And children love it"

Hooray! Whee! For Chef Boy-ar-dee!

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