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January 22, 2004


brian w

I'm eating this right now, with a garnish of fresh garlic and tortilla chips, and it's deliciously spicy. I added an extra handful of bread for thickening as I went with low-fat milk instead of heavy cream. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the recipe!


Mmm.... gaaaarlic. I made this two days ago, and I was the only person (in a house of FOUR) who would come anywhere near it. But I Don't CARE... More soup for me!
I made it with milk instead of cream as well, with no ill effects. Also, I don't have on e of those boat-motor hand blendy things, so I just used a regular blender, which worked fine.


I made this receipe years ago for a vegetarian niece at a family gathering; Now it is a favorite request from family and friends. One of my son's who manages a kitchen in a sports bar by the name of DOOFER'S in Renton, Wa serves a version of this as a one of his soup specials.

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