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November 10, 2003


Kim Brown

I also saw this fudge made on the Ellen show and decided to give it a try. Though the thought of it made me a little queasy, it actually tastes very good and was super easy to make. You'd never know there was velveeta in there by the taste.


I understand that velveeta is not real cheese but I have to admit that once every other year or so I make this really smooth fudge. Its good . I am not an advocate of anything that is not the real thing (which is why no nutrasweet in this house) as a steady diet this is one that is worth letting in every once in awhile.


I just made the velveeta fudge.. ohhh its sooo good.. but it seemed too soft to roll into a ball and I didn't have anymore confections sugar.. so i'm putting it in a pan and in the fridge we'll see.. I guess you could put it in the pan.. drizzle the caramel sauce over it then melt the white chips and drizzle on top too.. why not..


i have made this fudge every year its a hit but i always manage to loose the recipe i hope this is the right on cant afford to screw it up


I have made this fudge for years and this is the only fudge I make. It is wonderful and every person that has ever tried it when I made it just loves it.



I made a variation of this for the holidays, and it was actually quite tasty. It is soft and creamy, so if you like a firm fudge, this will not be for you. But give Velveeta a break, and give this recipe a try.


My mom made this fudge for Christmas. It was actually pretty good. She had us try it BEFORE she told us it had velveeta in it.

Lauren Maiden-Aery

This is an honest-to-god perfect recipe. For all those people who hate the brownie style fudge and remember the thick, creamy, rich style use this recipe. My mother-in-law love it and so do I. It creates unbelievably smooth, creamy, moist fudge and nobody will believe the small amount of ingredients.

I have made this fudge. Try it and you will NEVER go back to the box-type again.


I know people that have made a small fortune selling this fudge at fairs. Best fudge I ever had.


This recipe has been in my family forever... I have made it many many times and never ever had anyone not like it... It's worth a try, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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