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November 14, 2003


Jim Wilson

Even though I reduced the amount of ground
cinnamon and allspice by half, the result wa
an edible but not particularly palatable soup. These two spices overwhelmed the aroma
and taste. I used home-canned tomatoes and
freshly-dried home-grown herbs and substituted pinto beans for the garbanzos.
I'll try again, but without the cinnamon and allspice.


Ohhh this sounds amazing! I'll be trying this tonight!

Anna Glenn

It was wonderful before I put 1/4 cup of worchester source.... It made the soup bitter.... I don't know why....

Tim Costar

Awesome. Amazing soup recipe! My flatmates and I LOVE it. Best Tom and Vege soup I've had. They all think I'm a soup guru now :-)
Didn't add any cinnamon, and reduced the amount of worchester sauce recommended.
Also added a can of 4 bean mix which was stellar.
Love your work!


It's Shiraz not Chiraz!


he doesn't need to use any salt with this recipe... b/c if your using canned broth, canned tomatoes, jar tomatoe sauce....uh, hello tons of sodium!

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