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November 20, 2003



Where do I post a recipe??

The Soup Lady

There's no function for posting a recipe. Why don't you write me a ltter and I'll post your recipe in the "Real People/Real Soup" section?

Carol Hedrick

RE: Sweet Potato Bisque Soup recipe. I plan to serve this with dinner for 7 people. How many people does this recipe serve (not a main course)? Thank you.



I am fairly new to cooking so I have a question about the sweet potato and sausage soup. Do the sausages have to boiled separartely BEFORE I put them into the cooking pan with the other ingredients?? Thank you,


Julia Adams

Great site! Am going to try out lots of your recipes. Could you come up with one for sweet potato & coconut soup? Had it somewher once and it was delicious!!


Hi. All of these sound great and are probably better with fresh sweet potatos. However I have 2 large cans of sweet potatos and would like to use them. I need to know how much to use for the sweet potato bisque

Sandra A. Mushi

I usually add leeks to my (vegetable) soups - adds a delicious fragnance. Also try fresh coconut cream instead of milk. Yummy.

Nancy Lee

please list number of serving with receipe.
Helpful when you have to make for a certain number of guests and need to know how many time you may have to make a batch to accomidate them all.

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