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November 18, 2003



try it

Joyceann Padovani

The most wonderful soup I have ever tasted, and soup making is one of my hobbies. I first ate this at Elephants Grill in Portland, Oregon, and am delighted to find this recipe on line! Thank you!


This recipe is in a Soup cookbook I have and is fabulous! It is called "Best Buddy" soup as it marries the flavors of the orange and tomato. It calls for a small slice of orange afloat the top!


Thanks for posting this amazing recipe... I used to live near Portland and this soup takes me right back. I was so happy to find it on your site.


Does anyone have the Elephant mushrrom recipe? I have had it before and it is to die for.



Does anyone have the Elephant mushrrom recipe? I have had it before and it is to die for.



I'm in the portland area and love this soup. I made it for the first time and found that the cream really isn't a must. If you want to make it with a few less calories don't feel cheated with out the cream it's really a great soup.


This soup is amazing with a grilled cheese sandwich to dip it in! Sometimes I'll escape from work and have it for lunch!

Joyceann Padovani

I first had this soup four years ago while visiting my son in Portland. I serve it often. Do you have any other recipes from this deli?

Aj Jackson

Very excited to find this recipe from Elephants! Living in Portland I frequent the deli often for a bowl of soup on a rainy day! Does anyone have the recipe for their "Elephants Cure" Chicken soup. It is a sure fire way to combat a cold. It is a spicy version of a traditional chicken broth soup. I know it has a few unconventional ingredients including ginger and lemongrass - would love to be able to make it at home!

Katie Rogerson

I am so thrilled to finally find this recipe! I'm a soup lover and don't make it back to Portland near enough. Thank you!

Molly W

I go to Elephants whenever I get a chance, and the only thing I get is this soup. It is sooooo good.


I will definitely try this recipe. I was in Portland on vacation for 9 days and went to Elephants twice, ate the tomato orange soup both times. Yum.

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