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November 23, 2003


celery recipes


The Cream of Celery Soup is outstanding! The Sherry adds a wonderful layer of flavor. Well worth the six dollars I invested in a bottle at a local liquor discount store. Kudos to you soup lady, for maintaining such an amazing blog.


Looking forward to the Cream of Celery Soup for tea tonight! Sounds delicious. Still not sure on the sherry though.


i'm looking for a recipe of raw celery and raw cucumber soup.i like to cook by scratch, without using any canned ingredients.this way i know for sure what goes in my foods. it's healthier that way. thank you


Tried the cream of celery, used celery stock insted of cream and topped it with low fat fromage frais, thereby losing quite a few calories but no flavour. Delicious. Didn't have any sherry but sounds good.


Thank you for posting this receipe. I have not been able to find one for canning.


i recommend adding a dollop of yoghurt instead of the cream/milk to make it healthier. The yoghurt also adds a bit of tang to the soup and the whole soup tastes great cold as well.

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