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October 30, 2003



I think I found your "star" soup bowls....good luck !


The world doesn't have enough "festive" food. But, this certainly helps!


when i saw the picture, got hungry. those are my favourites!! but not with cake though. just make from pure jelly.

over in malaysia we have the hard kind of jelly. is that gelatin? it's either made from powder or this long transparent seaweed thing. yum. :)


I like this -- it fulfills my need to feed ground glass to my husband, without risking actual incarceration.


oooh! jell-o! the magical powder! i am inspired to get my joys of jell-o cook book out and take a recipe of two for a spin!


Thank you for this recipe, I remember my Great Grandmother making this when I was a child. She always cooked from memory & I would watch her in the kitchen, but I was so young, I don't remember what the amounts were. She never used measuring cups either, it was a handfull of this, a pinch of that, a scoop of the other. What memories... Thank you!!


hey this broken glass stuff i could use some more of that stuff it was awesome


I remember my mother making this when i was a child and I was trying to remember the recipe and my oldest sister said go on line and maybe you can fine it. So thank you for having this recipe so I can make it for my children and grand children . My mother pasted away when I was 12 years old so I didn't get to keep any of her recipe

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