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September 21, 2003



I have a 14 inch chop plate in this pattern. Do you know how much it is worth?

The Soup Lady

I would bet it's worth a pretty penny - especially if it is one of those kidney-shaped ones. Take a look on eBay to compare or get that Rob Runge book called 'the Collector's Guide to Stangl'

blotto blotto

marvelous, thank you.

The Soup Lady

Hey, look - Bluto left a comment! What's Popeye really like?


those cookies look delicious.

I do have a question. I am a freshman in college and do not allow hot plates in my dorm is there any way I can make good soup with a microwave?


Years ago, I came across a fund raising activity held in Baltimore: Night of thousand soups, where patrons pay an admission and get to taste many different kinds of soup. I don't know it exists anymore.

What a beautiful site. Great recipes, too.

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