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September 22, 2003



Wonderful! If anyone has more lowcarb soup recipes please post them.


I found your URL in Mr. Modem's column. Thanks for being here.


We tried Somersizing for a while, but learned eventually that cow dairy was actually impacting my wife's sinus condition.

So--there goes Herself's favorite tomato soup.

I've currently got the onions, celery, and garlic in the slow cooker; I'll add the tomatoes in an hour or so, and let it go 'til nearly dinnertime.

But what to do for the creaminess? Almond milk? Oat milk? Soy? Rice? They're all a little thin when using for coffee lightener, so I fear that they won't work in the soup. Suggestions, please!


puree some beans and water and add to the tomato soup to make it creamy with no dairy

Cara Fletcher

I've heard about this soup before and a friend of mine told me it's very helpful if I wanted to lose some weight.So I definitely will try it.

Laurie - Wieght Loss 4 Busy Woman

Nice recipe, will share this page with my subscribers.

Richard Kuhns author of Soothing the Itch Within and the Diiet to Control it.

I'm glad to see someone has researched the plastic wrap in the microwave oven. The only thing I use my microwave for is heating water and heating a sand bag that my fiance uses around her neck to keep warm on cold winter nights.
I used to use it to heat pizza and am glad that I stopped now that I know about the carcinogens from the plastic wrap. I'm sure they would absorb very nicely into the oil on top the pizza.


Never heard of the Soup Diet, Lol!

Have you heard of the Calorie Shifting Principle? You can lose 9lbs in 11 Days.

Check it out http://www.hardgainersguide.com/fat-loss-4-idiots/

Kim Potter

I love soup, its the best. The creamy tomator soup recipe you shared sounds scrumptious!

It reminds me of the soup spoken of in the book Tales of Despereaux, a book about soup a mouse and love!

Lose Weight Fast

I love it..."food plan" instead of diet.

Oh yeah. Great post.


acai berry diet

glad I came across this site good read. bookmarked.

Kathy's Weight Loss Diary

Thanks for these wonderful recipes. I can sure use these on my menu. You should definitely continue doing this and continue sharing nutritional recipes to your readers.

Kathy's Weight Loss Diary

Thanks for these wonderful recipes. I should definitely add this to my menu. Continue on with this blog as you are providing significant information to your readers.

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