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August 22, 2003



Hotsauce makes everything better.


beer makes everything better


well, i followed you instructions to the letter. i made one mistake, though. i thought you meant brats, like my neighbors brats. it seems i'm in serious trouble now.


Simon -- Yeah, that's a pretty common error. Some people actually prefer that sort of brats, but I hear that it's awfully hard to get them into the sausage casings.

Anyway, if the parents decide not to press charges, you might want to give it a go with 'bratwurst', not the 'worst brats'. I think you may have tastier results that way. And it's less likely to add to your rap sheet. Bonus!

The Soup Lady

I'm just glad that you didn't send instructions for keilbasi. Imagine the confusion if someone was trying to knock off a Guernsey milker.

my daughter who lives in

north georgia sent me this recipe for pumpkin soup:

1 lb. pumpkin (diced
1 lb potato (diced)
1 large onion (sliced)
2 gloves garlic (chopped)
4 pints broth
salt & pepper
1 cup cream.

whaddya think?

The Soup Lady

I think that as a soup, it sounds like it would be pretty good - depending on the broth and the type of pumpkin. But the phrase "Potato And Pumpkin Soup" strikes terror into the heart of the Soup Lady, for reasons well known to a certain group of hackers.

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