August 25, 2003



I believe it was Channel #5, but I could be wrong.


I've seen the Floating Island dessert as recently as six years ago--but I was in Paris, and you know how they are. Ile Flotant sounds WAY better than Floating Island, and the version I had involved...rum? Maybe some Grand Marnier as well? Heavenly, but I'm one of those people who can't resist meringue.

s. a. zoo

actually floating island is a very old desert, and because the ingredients are cheap staples: eggs milk sugar...it's also easy to make for unexpected guests

my aunts made it often...with a bit of rum in the custard

tastes have changed. this was really a very elemental desert, i wonder how many people/americans would appreciate it nowadays!


I cannot believe that anyone would prefer a jello dessert to the age-old Floating Islands, which is known in France as Ile Flottante.


Jello beans are a wonderful creation. A great addition to any clubin party.


I knew there had to be alcohol in Floating Island. Spencer Tracy seemed VERY DRUNK while leaving Katherine Hepbrun's apartment in the movie.

Paul Davidson

Here is an even easier version of floating island which beats any that ive seen before and it full proof.
^6 egg yolks
^6 whites,
^cup of caster sugar
^1 plastic ring about 2 inche deep 3 inch wide
Cup of milk
good whisk
Vanilla pod or essence

Whisk whites until soft peaks add sugar and vanilla. whisk until thick and heavy.
Whisk your yolks and sugar together until cream colour. add milk and place in pan . Heat and stir continously until slighty thick
Place your white mixture into the plastic ring and fill to the top and smoooth off
Place in microwave for 15 secs on top temp .
Take off ring .
Place custard in a small bowl and place the mallow on top and there we go .

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