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July 11, 2003



ive prepared this several times.. ive discovered that a little lemon juice added just after the puree while the broth is hot.. will intensify the flavor after the soup has cooled..


where has bTc gone??...pout


btc where are youoooooo?


Who cares about a dumb dog when I now have access to this recipe - which might be just the key I was looking for to figure out how a former Polish mother-in-law won my heart when she was such a b-i--er, bad person.

I'm thinking the Soup Lady whoops some bootay!

And, I caught the Proud Mary reference right off the bat. But then, T.T. is right up there with Cher, Bette, Judy, & Madonna.

You need more readers like me, Soup Lady. ;-)


missing bTc...........how about some cold soup....for this summer heatwave??


hehe...did you ever stumble on a sidewalk, and look around to see if anyone saw you??....I'm doing that now as I read the cold soup recipes below...if I carry on as if nothing happened, maybe no one will notice


love soup, but really looking for bTc! ;)


With this fine soup, served chilled, I find all that white creaminess sort of intimidating.

I top this soup with broiled leek tops. Those green parts of the leek never get used anyway, and the pungeancy of the crisped leek strings gives the vichyssoise a tiny bit of bitterness to offset the sweet problem discussed in your fine recipe.

1) Strip the leek tops into a series of long strings by running a small knife in between the lateral veins of the leaf.

2) Toss the strings in oil and broil very close to the flame. They will crisp in about thirty seconds, and burn a few seconds after that. Give them a wary eye.

3) Scatter the crisped leek tops over the surface of the soup. They should be slightly cury and poke up at the eater somewhat. Do not worry, they will see it as a challenge.


Your recipe isn't clear. With the heavy cream or sour cream do you reheat and stir in or is this to be eaten cold. Joseph

The Soup Lady

This soup is meant to be served and eaten chilled.


Iam looking for a recipe to make a wonderfull soup I had in Puerto Vallarata. It was a creamy avocada served chilled. It was the best thing I have ever tasted. Thanks, Lee

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