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July 07, 2003



I will make this soup this weekend. The Farmer's Market has wonderful cucumbers at grad student-appropriate prices, three pounds of which I used to make pickles a while back.

Gazpacho is my favorite summer soup.

I have been enjoying your plog for a few weeks now; keep up the excellent work!

Also: I understand your sentiments about the 1997 Joy of Cooking, but I made the most wonderful stew ever last week: the Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew, which can be found under the Sweet Potato heading in the Vegetables section. I eliminated the zucchini and meat, used a few whole dried red chiles instead of the pepper flakes, but otherwise followed the recipe, and I served it over whole wheat couscous. Mmmm.

Mary K.

This cold soup looks good. Its too hot now to think about cooking soup or anything else for a long time inside the house, but a cold soup sounds so refreshing.


I've never recovered from that liver requirement. It was the low point of each week.


Isn't this a variation on a traditional Greek/Middle Eastern soup? Damn if I can't remember what it's called right now, but they use yogurt instead of buttermilk. And they use a thicker version of it as the sauce on falafel. Yes? No?

I can't believe I grew up in Georgia, with Scarlett O'Hara reincarnated as my MawMaw, making cuke sammychez & drinking buttermilk str8 from the bottle & she never made this. She has no computer, but I'm, for sure, sending her this recipe because she'll flip over it!


a very interesting site

val marden

the middle eastern soup mentioned is called turquoise I think

hanna zagal

Is the weight watcher founder jean neidrich still living and if she is where does she reside now?


@Jesse_Jackson and val marden: i guess you're talking about tzatziki, a heavenly mix of greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic, although I never saw it served as a soup, more as a sauce or a dip.

@soup lady: i'm a soup addict from italy, nice blog, will come back often! thanx!

maggie rose

I can't seem to lose on the points plan,but did well on the original plan. I first joined in 1967. Can't rememnber exacly what that entailed. Anyone????

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