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June 21, 2003



cilantro. i even love saying it!!!!!!!!!
This soup sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Soup Lady!
Thank you for the lovely words and link!
I'm sorry to report that "Aunt Vi" has taken
up rsidence inside my head...ugh!
Luckily, there's lots of leftover Medice Soup!!


mmmmm! soup.


but rainy weather makes me want more soup


Se´┐Żora Sopa - My friends call me The Big Soup Girl- Saludos from Spain! (Gazpacho capital of the world)
p.s. Did you know that when traveling through Spain, the peninsula that is, you're able to find hundreds of different preparations of Gazpacho ranging in color from nearly white, to pink, to red, and sometimes ones with a greenish hue -? Some consider me to be a sommelier of Gazpacho.


Where is the recipe? All I see is COMMENTS~!

The Soup Lady

This eentry links to the Murry Hill 5 Webiste and that is where the recipe for Medicine Soup is.


Ate some medicine soup and feel much better, mate.


just wanted to say "thanks"
these are great recipes....


where is the receipe for the Medicine soup?

Donna Green

please send me a copy of the medicine soup,,,,thankyou

Ambulance Girl

Sounds good!!! I'd love to try it if I had someone to cook it for me. But when I'm sick I'm usually too week to do anything :))
Natalie http://air-ambulance.com

Ambulance Patient

Mmm... Looks perfect! I've always thought that everything that is good for health must be really tasteless :))


I would be delighted to receive this chicken soup
receipe for my poor ole Mom who suffers chest
problems. Hopefully this will give her immune -system a boost over winter. Many thanks, Tania

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