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April 26, 2003



the amvets post 59 !
Home of the best ever Easter Party!


notice in the text that the potatoes are sliced..

not mentioned in the recipe..

i would assume that you would slice the potatoes while still warm.. then add sauce.. then let cool to room temperature.. standard stuff

The Soup Lady

Right you are, Doug. I guess I was too overwrought by the memory of the pineapple scene to notice.

The sauce was a thick layer on top of the slice, not soaked into the potato, so I guess you would put it on just before serving.

Jeff Miller

The CORRECT pepper to use for papas a la Hauncaina is Aja Amarillo (or Peruvian yellow peppers.) If these aren't available, then you can approximate the taste by using a YELLOW Bell Pepper AND a half habanero pepper.

Kathleen LeRoux

Actually, you should use queso fresco, available at any latino market, and aji amarillo, which you can buy at amigofoods.com.

Sautee the aji amarillo with a little bit of onion, then place it in a blender with a good amount of queso fresco and 1/4 to 1/2 can evaporated milk, blend until smooth.

That's the way most peruvian mothers do it!

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