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November 24, 2002



this is just gorgeous!


Oh boy this looks beautiful. Congratulations. Next time I come by, I'm bringing my own spoon.

bob the corgi

The gorgeous look is thanks to Sheila (that damned tart) who knew just how to capture the essence of The Soup.


I hate to disagree with the landlady, but...


Add leftover turkey; it's a favorite out here in Hawai'i.

Mary Beth

Hey! Just cuz my inlaws looked skeptically at my turkey soup doesn't mean it's not desired by most people east of the Mississippi! It's darn good, if I do say so myself, inbetween slurps.

ALthough I do love a good croquette....

Perhaps you need to experience full-post-t'day-carcass soup before you make up your mind.


Leftover turkey is destined to rest in peace on a piece of white bread with a little mayo. Anything else just doesn't seem right to me. ;-)

The place looks wonderful, Soup Lady! And I'm so excited about you having comments here again.


It looks great :) BTW, I made this soup recently (http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/r_0000000743.asp) and it was yummy! :)


Never mind all that, you're listed on msnbc!


Yes, I read that you are on MSNBC!!
Does this mean you can retire?

the soup lady

i've been retired for about 5 years already - i just forgot to mention it to my employer.

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