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November 10, 2001



A question or two: Is butternut pumpkin the same as butternut squash? And am I mistaken, or has the teen queen regularly been shirking her duties as a member of the judges panel?

The Soup Lady

Sad to say it's true: the Teen Queen is the most reluctant panel member amongst the judges. However, a new judge has joined the inner circle. The College Man has a steady girl. I'm a little worried by the fact that she won't eat fruit, vegetables or meat, so I'm working on a soup made out of pureed pizza and Diet Pepsi




Is butternut pumpkin the same as butternut squash?

gemma potts

I believe that butternut squash is the the same as butternut pumpkin. The distinction between squash and pumpkins is mainly in what you choose to call them.

gemma potts

Incidently the addition of cayenne pepper instead of turmeric and coconut milk to bring the flavours together at the end of cooking makes this soup far tastier.


all pumpkins are squashes but not all squashes are pumpkins. a pumpkin is a squash. a butternut is a squash, not a pumpkin I THINK

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