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November 06, 2001



Oh, thank you so much for this recipe! Coffee is my only vice, and this will get me through the summer admirably! Another way to enjoy it!

Gnome G

I found this link via Not Martha and was interested in seeing this since my mom has made coffee jello since we were kids. Delicious! She makes hers using Agar Agar rather than gelatin, but I bet this is nice (your serving suggestions sound excellent).


In Japan, "Coffee Jelly" is sold next to yogurt and pudding in stores. It's yummy!


Hmm ... coffee Jello ... I might just have to try this, out of curiosity! Cool blog ~ found you through "Not Martha."


my mom has been making it with agar agar since i was a kidlet. its yummy!


When I lived in Germany, my host mom used to make this with extra strong espresso, then top it with her homemade Nutella thinned out with cream. All the best elements there: coffee, chocolate, toasted hazelnuts. No wonder I put on 10 pounds that summer!


We have the aforementioned Coffee Jelly at our local Japanese Market, and they sell it with a little side of cream you pour over it before serving. Mmm!

Lester Nelson

Oh God, this sounds good. I'm making it tonight.


Coffee jello is delish. And this would be a lovely presentation.

Ana Gonzalez

hello from Mexico, I only want to let you know that this kind of dessert is served here in Mexico in the Japanesse restaurantes and it's called CAMELADO and they don't use sugar in it cause they serve de jello with vanilla ice cream and a little bit of Kalhua coffee liquor. I've done it as I describe it and it is a very elegant and surprising dessert.


WoW, I can't believe I found this recipe this jello!! As a kid my Mom would make coffee jello.. The only way we ever had it was with just whip cream but, I am game and I'll have to try it your way..


Thank you! My grandmother made this when I was a child and I had fogotten about it. I'm excited to have it again.


We first experienced this delight this weekend at a Japanese restaurant. It took us 4-5 minutes to understand what the server was trying to tell us, but once we understood that she was saying 'Coffee Jello', we got adventurous and tried it (and LOVED IT!) I can't WAIT to serve it for my next dinner party!

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