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My God, in the first photo on the left she looks like she is about a month away from giving birth! As for the outfit, well, aha, ha, ha, ha....


As with the shorts and tank outfit worn to the photo-op at the Grand Canyon, the contour of her full belly and navel indentation are obvious under the clingy shell she's wearing.

I cannot believe all those pleats. A lamp would be ashamed to wear this getup. This may take the prize for the worst outfit ever.


Shekky the Clown called. He wants his tie back.

He said she could keep the rest of it, though... it's too over the top for him.


I watched this with my dad. Now, I have a different view of the speech itself, so I'll refrain from saying anything about it besides that, but the outfit, oh god, the outfit we agree on.

Well, I do like that color, but... WHY?!!!!


is she preggers?? dear Lord.. another BO baby.. best put a child limit in the hcr.


I forgot to mention that during the first flash of MO I exclaimed, "That's an ugly pin!", and my dad replied with, "Really? I think it's kind of neat-looking".


Mr. Bingley

It's her uniform: she's been promoted to Admiral of the Pink in the Klingon Imperial Navy.

Cripes, Suzette!

I admit I go for the flash and sparkle myself but wow, she sure does seem to
go out of her way to pick the ugly ones.

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 1:46 PM, wrote:


She has been shilling for Ikram Goldman's Chicago boutique for the last several years. Time to cut the cord.

The Proprietor

All that fried calamari is coming back to haunt her.


I knew you would be all over this Suzette! Wonderful job as usual. You find all the best pics.

OMG - that's all I can say.

I can't even compliment the color in this one (unlike the eggplant she wore for the SOTU). I hate that color - so it might be just my personal idiosyncrasy. But the the entire thing makes her look horrible. Are we sure she isn't preggers? Really? In the one pic I'm sure she's at nearly 9 months.

Someone help our Fashion Icon! She's looking more and more like a beached whale and just as lovely. Holy cats!


Two words: Jenny Craig.

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