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Have you considered an iced bottle of gin or vodka and a straw? Or a very tiny diving board?

Welcome back to the world, Suzette. Lifting my Two Buck Chuck (chardonnay) to our hostess!


PS. I like the first choice, up at the top. Though those kitschy olive-stemmed ones have a certain appeal.

Jim - PRS

Testing ... 1, 2, 3 ......


hello?? tap..tap... tap... is this thing on?
I vote candlewick.. and I have a salt/pepper shaker and some other stuff in this pattern if ya want it/? candlewick is STURDY


I have a collection of different sizes and styles of Martini glasses, fit for most occasions, but my personal favorite is "The Aircraft Carrier", as it was anointed one evening by a friend. It holds a whopping 11.oz of my favorite 100 proof restorative concoction, and tests one's steadiness of hand, especially on the second one. After the third, it's usually another shirt ruined. But, by then, who cares..?

Joan of Argghh!

I vote Riedel. Sheer elegance, just the right amount of snobbishness.

Extra points for thin rims so one can cleanly and stylishly sip without having to slurp and mouth the glass.


I vote for the ones with the olive in the stem. Just something that caught my eye - and I don't know of anyone who has them


I sent you a reply email to the one you sent me and I made suggestions.


I'd say which one... but if you won't see it, it doesn't make any difference anyway. Besides no one ever listens to me, don't break that precedent whatever you do. My advice is bound to be wrong.


I met a TypePad comment upon the stair, when I turned around it was not there.


I like the ones on the bottom - they're the purdiest.
And I always insist on being served when enjoying my glass of red wine. That is the one time somebody does something for ME.


I like the ones with the little olive in the stem. But antique dealers everywhere will love you forever if you buy any of the vintage ones shown. I used to be in the antique biz, and let me tell you, vintage glassware like that was nearly impossible to move. I learned that the hard way. I had tons of the stuff. It looked great on glass shelves in the window, but nobody would buy it! Even at prices as low as 50 cents/glass.

I suggest checking around at thrift stores and second hand stores...and weekend flea markets/antique swap meets. You're likely to get some amazing bargains on vintage glassware. You also might find some unusual shapes that you can mix and match.


Have checked out Target? They sell a lower priced Riedel line.


Curious girl that I am, I hit Target's web site. They have many reasonably priced martini glasses, including several with offset stems which would solve the base bumping problem.( I feel your pain. I have the same problem) Just for giggles I cruised over to Macy's site where I found many elegant choices. However, the item that intrigued me was a beautiful Calaphon cocktail shaker. Want, want.


I like the ones at the top. Elegant, small, not too fancy, not too expensive. Will work just as well for wine as cocktails (and of course champagne, and champagne cocktails). Actual vintage instead of fake vintage (fake vintage being a pet peeve of mine).

The little Boopies are also very sweet, though.

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