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Have you ever seen Barefoot in the Park? Robert Redford is wonderful in it.


Robert Redford was at his best before he became overtly political. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was a marvelous movie.

Politics and entertainment do not mix, IMHO.

Barbra Streisand has never had her name on a movie (I refuse to say "acted" in a movie) unless she had so much control that people who had to deal with her were ready to kill her - The Prince of Tides, a real clinker, comes to mind without too much effort.


BTW, you are a very interesting mother, Suzette. I hope your daughter appreciates that. Show her this note! :)

Jim - PRS

Barbra Streisand is absolutely insufferable on every level. She would make a great substitute First Lady.


I was on pins and needles during this film, thinking one of Bar's wayward fu manchu nails would poke out Hubbell's eyeballs.

Not that they would have filmed that... but still.


Tell me you didn't talk through the part with the monkeys.

That's the best part.

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