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LOL - from someone who hates pulling out old plantings because it's a royal pain - I am all admiration for your new plantings and especially the inclusion of the light on the fabulous chicken statue. Mahvellous dahling! I love it!


i cant believe how little credit i am being given here.

Cripes, Suzette!

Well, I thought you didn't like me to mention you on the blog.
Readers, this girl worked all day long and did the lion's share of the
planning, planting and clean-up. She was also my assistant a the garden
center, indulging me by picking up and turning around plant after plant
until we found just the right ones.

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 1:01 AM, wrote:

The Proprietor

You forget to mention the castle-like crenelated stones around the perimeter, designed to repel the attacks of Medieval ground ivy, plantain and crabgrass.


Underappreciated Daughter is invited to find a home in Southern California where there is a tiny patio garden that needs help. Appreciation galore!


Kudos to the youngling!

I absolutely adore the chicken. How right you are to showcase its magnificence!

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