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>>>Let's watch the clonk again:<<<

Hahahaha!!! It just never stops being funny!

The only thing that would make it better is if someone added Benny Hill music to the video...


P.S. I voted "Fat Farm" because "nine plates of fried shrimp, two plates of calamari, two orders of fried scallops, a plate of clam strips, six medium fries, and two orders of coleslaw" can catch up with a gal pretty quick.



Whoa, seriously, is that just a weird camera angle on her or is she really packin' on some poundage? She looks HUGE.


She's preparing to look her best for the big speech next week. Since she'll be seated, we'll only top half but I'll bet those magnificent toned arms will be part of the show. Can't wait.

Jim - PRS

I figure she's sulking in the White House after the Air Force refused to make the door of the plane "Yeti Size."


I too voted Fat Farm (and we are leading by miles!). This woman may talk healthy and arugula, but she has never seen a french fry or greaseburger that she could resist. Add on the two martinis before dinner (and that's just what the everloving media reports) and you have ...........CALORIES!

She has ballooned, her face is puffy, soon the toned arms may have a different look. Dirndlville. (Burqa?) And she is sooooooooo depressed. The worst thing that can happen to a Faux Fashionista is Avoirdupois.


My post just disappeared. Poof. So once again:

I voted for Fat Farm and we are 'way ahead. She may preach health and arugula but she never saw a french fry or greaseburger that she could resist. (And there is no mention at that link in jana's post above of how many "staff" shared that grease feast.) Dirndlville. (Burqa?)

I sense depression. She has ballooned, her face is pudgy, next the arms? The worst enemy of the Faux Fashionista is Avoirdupois.


Left two posts. Both came up as being posted. Both have disappeared. ???


I swear you could hear the CLANG. Hope she didn't damage the door frame too much.


Tried to post yesterday but it disappeared after being confirmed as posted. Poof.

I too voted "Fat Farm". No mention was made of the staff that helped consume that gargantuan grease pig-out and we have watched MO balloon since January. White House pie on demand, greaseburgers and fries AND onion rings, martinis in multiples, and (literally) on and on. Mostly in the area around and below her equator. Dirndlville. (Tomorrow a burqa?)

This has to be very depressing. Faux Fashionistas go ballistic when the avoirdupois packs on. At a certain point Spanx are out of the question as they become impossible to don.


I voted Fat Farm but my post was blocked along with all the others. No mention of the "staff" that supposedly shared that seafood greasefest - neither names nor total number. And MO has never seen a greaseburger with french fries AND fried onion rings that she didn't like. Arugula schmoogula.

She has ballooned (even her face) and found herself in Dirndlville. Spanx have revolted, saying "not a chance, lady". Will a burqa be the only answer?

Stay tuned.

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