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Re #1..We'll probably see that skirt on Mrs.0 any day now. She,of course, will add her own fashion forward touches such as: a double layered cardigan, blouse with flouncy bow and, if we're lucky, her polka dot boob belt with the purple buckle.
Re #2..No comment
Re #3..Could that be any faker? I think they got the idea from the famous photo of a young girl running to embrace her father after he was released from a N. Vietnamese POW camp. Then again, it must be torture for 0 to have to wipe all that MSM slobber off his shoes. So maybe he does deserve a big run and hug. Still, it would have been hilarious to see her drop her dad flat on his skinny butt.


It is very hard to one-up the original post and beedee's comment, so I'll just sit here. And applaud.


Re #1: Little Suri can only wear those heels for one more year, then she'll be taller than Tom... and we all know how insecure he is, so it's back to ballet flats for Suri!

Re #2: Ummm... could anyone possibly care less about MacKenzie and her eff'ed up family? No one cared 30 years ago when she was still famous.

Re #3: Fail.


Suri is learning pretty well how to look 20 years older than she actually is from her dear mother, who has mastered this skill.


#1 suri's skirt weighs more than she does

#2 what?

#3 ditto, fail - hernia, where is the O tonight, having surgery?

The Proprietor

Some time let me tell you about when Papa John Phillips was living down the road from me while he went to the Carrier Clinic in Summit to dry out. Mackenzie rented another house around the corner. The second (third?) wife and her offspring were there as well.

It's a decadent laff fest!


I was thinking about making us some popcorn...


You know, sometimes you think your life could not get any shittier. Then you come home and read that Mackenzie Phillips and her father had a sexual relationship(initially against her will and then with her consent). All of a sudden my life doesn't seem so bad.

The Proprietor

"Drying out" did not seem to interfere with him showing up at the Marco Polo bar in Summit on a regular basis. Once he actually tried to strike up a conversation with me while in his cups. I literally had nothing to say to him. He looked like what he was: a sick, sad drunk. He had bad breath.

He rented a famous crumbling Victorian in New Providence (where I lived at the time) that was on the historic register, but in bad shape. Metaphor alert!

He was pulled over by the NP cops for letting his 4 or 5 year old daughter (at the time) "Bijou" sit on his lap and steer his '59 Cadillac down Springfield Avenue.

Mackensie lived a half mile away in a rental up on a cul de sac in a 50s ranch. She may have been in rehab as well. The neighbors objected to her coming and going at 3am with loud conversations. There were a few "don't you know who I am?" confrontations with neighbors. I used to jog by there every day and the shades were always down.

They occasionally shopped at Kings and once tried to use an expired credit card followed by a bad check.

I realize none of this is sensational, but it really illustrates that celebrity deaths are often preceded by a numbing banality.

Blake said the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. In their case it led to the split level of mediocrity.


Suzette, I am so happy to have found your blog! I look forward to you MO postings everyday--read that, EVERYDAY! So take some benadryl and tylenol and get back to snarking her majesty... Really, get to the dr and get well soon


I am writing down The Proprietor's last paragraph. Excellent!

Abbee Lee

Wow, this unfortunately takes place many more times than we may want to believe. That is why it's so important for mothers to be careful with their young daughters with their fathers...I worked in social work and have see too much of this...it's real and it's lasting effects are devastating.


Nothing more irritating than precocious little brats. Heels or no. Jumping or not. Ugh.

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