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I must admit I'd never thought of this. My pet sandwich peeve is the growing thickness of the bread. Some slices are darned near an inch thick. X 2 that is a bad ratio to the filling.


I, too, have bitten into things on plates that were of a purely decorative nature yet fooled me into thinking it was edible. Once I chipped a tooth on an in-flight piece of "bread," too, and yet somehow I didn't think to sue the shit out of the airline. This was back in the days when people got hurt and just said, "Ow" and went about their business.

I confess I don't eat the pickle and usually I don't eat the slaw either. I don't like slaw that's all mayonnaised all to hell. Now you know. Now the world knows. What a load off.

The Proprietor

Ditto on the slaw. If I wanted a cup of watery mayo I'd drink one. The only slaw I can stomach is Central Pennsy "German" cole slaw.

Not sure why, but some of what they sell at the farmers markets around Harrisburg is quite good.

Likewise, when is the last time you got a crisp pickle with your sandwich? No crunch, no want for lunch.



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