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Good Lord... she's reached a new apex of ugly with that belt she's wearing at that speech.

Did you hear her work up a few tears over her daughter's meningitis scare? All she could think was "Thank God we have insurance!" Riiiight...

(Barry, on the other hand, just went ahead and claimed that Sasha was "diagnosed" with meningitis... same dif, right?)


Valerie Jarrett has said that, after MO's dramatic pleading on behalf of Chicago to the IOC in Copenhagen next month, "there will not be a dry eye in the room".

What tear-jerking anecdotes will she haul out for that?


You know that scene in "Silence of the Lambs" where the police wheel Dr. Lecter in on the furniture dolly? Remember that mask he wore with the bars across his mouth? That's the first thing I thought of when I saw Mrs. O's new bondage belt(as Drudge calls it). Honest!


Speaking as another long legged girl, those gams sometimes have a life of their own and many times they don't fit exactly how you want them to...

That said, the bondage belt she wore yesterday gave me nightmares last night...


Heh huh heh huh you said "cooch."

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