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Ummm... I think that her "bustle" is attached... someone should have reminded her to toss a couple of Spanx into her suitcase.


One other Big Bow Blouse sighting. One reason why she looked overstuffed in the Alaia biker jacket she wore in Paris during her walkabout with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Here you will see a bit of it peeking out above a print something or other and yet another belt - under the fitted jacket. Oy.


If you doubt me have a look at the neckline folded detail here.


The tent-shaped cotton blouse and all the other gear she had on made for a very overstuffed silhouette from the back as well:


Am I the only one here who is old enough to remember Vogue magazine's feature "FV = Fashion Victim" which ran for years. Man on the street photos of messes like MO wears all the time.

FV, not Fashion Icon.


Oh drat. All those urls I posted above got cut off in the posting process. Here we go again:





Lulu...Re the 3rd photo: Are those pants suppose to mold to her butt crack like that or has she perhaps had one too many Kobe beef hamburgers lately?

JM Hanes

Cipes, Suzette, a friend from a fellow fashion snark fest sent me your way, and I'm falling out of my chair laughing. I had looked in vain for a still shot of that remarkable breast bow, so props to you. Didn't realize Busy Mom apparently has almost as many bows as argyle sweaters. In response to your "What is this?," it wouldn't surprise me if FLOUTS were bebowed in the rear as well as the front for the love-in.

JM Hanes


If folks triple click to select the URL line, the copy function will pick up both the visible and the truncated part of the link for pasting. At least it works that way on a Mac. If you want to try your hand at making a live link, I once put up a Hot Links Cheat Sheet to give some pals a hand.

I'm delighted to find that the universe of folks with working fashion meters is larger than I thought!

The Proprietor

Or you can go to someplace like www.tiny.cc and use the same tool to shorten a URL that Twitter uses.





Seriously... Michelle's butt grows larger with each picture. Or she just doesn't know how to choose clothing, in which case we are soul sisters. [Oops. Nothing racial implied!]

Whatever, but Jackie O would never have donned a frock that made her butt look like that. Never, ever.

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