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I have no love for cops either, because every time I've been pulled over it's been suspiciously motiveless or the cop outright LIED. Trust me on this. It has made me very nervous, scared even, of the power they have. I think they like to pull over "attractive" women in sports cars (back in the day). And then fuck with them. I was seriously scared at least two different times because of the remoteness of the road and no cell phone back then. I would seriously consider driving on to a cop shop if I were pulled over today for any reason. Let them take it out on me once I reached the safety of the cop shop. I'll take my chances explaining why I didn't want to pull over for no reason in the dark for someone claiming I'd done something wrong when I hadn't.

I can't even joke about this. Too many weird personal experiences.


Seriously. This is a life lesson for all of us. Cops have no sense of humor.

Also, I once got pulled over at 5 a.m. by a police officer, after being tailed by a beat-up car with one broken headlight. I asked the cop why he pulled me over & not the tailgater with the broken headlight, and he replied that he wanted me to be safe from the car that was tailing me. Uh...what? I then told him that I'd make sure and let my friend, (who I named) a high-ranked officer in the city, know how thankful I was, and could I have his badge number, please? Cop-boy bid me a quick farewell and ran back to his cruiser. When I called my high-ranking friend the next day, he told me this was common amongst officers looking for cute women. Well now, made me feel all pretty. And creepy. Asshats!


Kitch, I had a very similar experience to that one; LA cops, one asked me out! Too creepy.

Danielle B.

This "respected professor" has been a pain in the public ass for a long time. Now he's declared that he's going to be an advocate for prison reform - a thought that never crossed his mind before this incident. Makes you wonder about his outburst. He's an ass.


The point is that the police can do and do do whatever they want within the law. And you don't know what law they are going to pull out to cover their harassment. Not at all related to race or gender.

Mr. Bingley

i get all polite and yes-sir-ee with the cops. there's no point doing otherwise.

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