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There's a huge gap between agoraphobia - which sounds more like a fear of sweaters if you ask me- and entropy. One is allegedly a mental condition, the other a common state explained by modern physics. Obviously you can do something about agoraphobia, but by giving into entropy you are taking your place in being part of a larger system.

BTW - I found some new reading.



You are not agoraphobic. You are avoiding things that suck. This is a healthy choice. :)


My husband can't stand to spend more than a few hours at home, relaxing and enjoying home.

I, on the other hand, would rather be in my blue bungalow than anywhere else.

The weekends can be difficult for us.


not to contradict all your internet bros, but i lean towards yes. i would say agoraphobia combined with those green shoes that make your feet hurt ten minutes after you leave the house.


Hey - hey - hey (hand waving in air) I'd stay in the cool quiet peopleless room too. But I don't think I'd watch Judge Judy, probably read a book.


I hate to leave the house and only do so grudgingly. Thankfully I have no career to impede my non-progress.


Your choices sound perfectly rational to me. LeeAnn nailed it - avoiding things that suck is a healthy thing not agoraphobia.

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