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Since the Mom in Chief is so busy, can someone who isn't quite so overbooked please tell that child to sit up straight! Good grief - is she going for the dowager hump look before she's 20?


Grand mama is partying in D.C. ?? send links please. or post links please.

i'm anonymous but my IP address is

Hey, if you want to do a blog of snarky but truthful coverage about the Obamas, go ahead, but to pick on the children is a good way to show what boobs those parents are.

Suzanne Thompson

I bet you didn't have a nanny, house keeper, chef, chauffeur, etc when your kids were little. Michelle has it made--why would she be tired from anything other than jet lag.

C. Magnus

Now I know where "super-mom" Ugly Michelle is, jabbing away at everything and anything . How about a visit to Family Planning or a couple of those abortions her husband is so fond of. (can't abstain ALL the time...golly, jeez!). Such a nice couple...oops:troubled couple. Barry says Michelle is cold ; Michelle (oops, I mean "the most beastly first lady ever") doesn't want her husband messing around with her innocent, darling daughters anymore.
People who live in White Houses.........
When are you guys going to WISE UP??!!


What about the doggy? Did they leave him in scAire Force One with a window rolled down an inch and a bowl of tepid Evian?

cynthia s.

We now know the 'family evening' was actually a mom and dad evening - grandma presumably left with the kids. How does she do it? Her kids are in school 4 days out of 5, she only does official functions max 3 days a week, she has a staff of 20 plus cooks, maids, gardners, chauffeurs, private planes and helicopters, a live in granny, a dog walker, personal trainer, stylist, make up artist.....forgive me if I find this woman just a bit self indulgent and as for 'first mom' well, what DID happen to the so-called family night out in Paris?

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