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Oh. Dear. I don't even know what to say about it all.


More like metric-tonning the walk.
yeah, I stretched for that.


I thought I warned her not to borrow pants from that fool golfer Daly.


I shall have to point this out to my sister... a NYC dog walker. I'm sure the fashion tips will make her walks with all her dogs even better! Orange and faded madras... would never have thought of it.


Have you ever noticed the difference in her figure between the sheath and pencil skirt days and the dirndl or let it all hang out days?

It's all about the industrial strength Spanx - probably the ones that go from under the boobs to above the knee (telltale line spotted in photo of the sparkly pencil skirt and sweater outfit worn to Downing Street for breakfast).

Anyone who has even examined Spanx, let alone tried to get into them (requires a team far larger and stronger than those who laced up Scarlett's corset), knows that they must be torture to wear. (Explains her looking angry?)

So Michelle Antoinette swings back and forth. More or less svelte on Spanx days; a whole lot less than svelte the rest of the time.

Built like a shmoo - pear-shaped - she has to wear those belts up high on non-Spanx days because of her 360 degree pear shape. They ride above the belly bulge, supposedly to fool the eye. (Yeah, sure.)

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