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The Proprietor

In my senior year at college (1968-69) I had a 1958 Chevy Impala that my dad got cheap from his friend at the dealership where he bought a new car every three years like clockwork.

It was a convertible with only 21K miles. It was baby blue and white, with wide white sidewall tires. Push-button automatic transmission! Reclining seat!

Everyone else either had a VW bus with flowers on the side or wanted one. I had the Chevy. I loved it. I wish I still had it.

Fender and Gibson reissue vintage guitars from the 50s/60s made to the exact same specs. I want GM to reissue the 58 Impala.



we had a 57 chevy impala...........i would love to have that car back in my possession.
I learned to drive on that baby!

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