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LMAO! I bow to your brilliance. Hey, when they leave the White House she can put on the Chin of Grievance. I'm willing to wait for that one...


I'm tired, so tired, of hearing fluff stories about the first couple. I bet they're tired of it by now, too - or they should be.


Oh! To clarify, I didn't mean your post, I meant all the media attention to silly things. (This is why I don't comment often)


The Chin... ROFLMAO - brilliant Suzette, just brilliant.


Oh sometimes I sit and think and I realize that I have many, many, questions for The Chin. I would ask The Chin these questions myself but I fear the Chin Of Superiority And Disapproval might strike me down where I stand. So it was that I thought it might be safer to ask the Little Eye. But no, the Little Eye is not taking questions.


Does that dog really have a white star on its black chest?


I'm envisioning a battle royal between Michelle Obama's Chin(s) and Keira Knightley's
Jaw... My money's on Keira.

Jim - PRS

I would like to see Herself and Jay Leno in a Chin-Off.


There are lots of pianos that need tutoring. A worthy signature cause for any First Lady.


How in the name of all that is good and right and normal did she make the Maxim Top 100 Hot Women list? How? How?!?! Was Divine ineligible just because she/he is dead?
Better a zombie than the Popeye Princess.

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