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The entire body part brouhaha is a conundrum. Why? Didn't other First Ladies have arms?

And yes, I'd watch Desiree and Barack if I were Big M. ;)

Joan of Argghh!

So much more fun than if Hillary had been elected!


But, I don't think Desiree is the one to watch. It's his right-hand gal, the one that's been with him all these years and now her name escapes me. I think she's Egyptian or some such. She's his intellectual superior and he can't quit her.


I don't know Joan. I know that look, plus according to Wiki, Desirée Rogers' favorite sayin' is: "Laissez le bon temps rouler", which translates ->

"Let the good times roll!"

Joan of Argghh!

Ha! All of Desiree's hots are in her name. She could be a fun dalliance but no real threat. And remember, this guy is the master of the redirect.. .


With that body type you do NOT wear a tight dress like that! It's SO unattractive. Sheesh.

Mo Habb

That looks just like Bill and Monica.

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