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I still cannot look away from the Sham Wow commericials, mainly because the guy looks like a human velociraptor.


I was hoping to see you rip into the Michelle photo where she's going the Vulcan hand sign next to that French model chick who's married to the French Prez.

Which is not to say I am disappointed. Not at all. The little eye is weirding me out. So is her huge and weirdly-shaped lower half which I notice they are careful to avoid snapping lest it spoil the carefully-crafted image with the "toned arms" distractor.

The Proprietor

Would someone really buy a hair product from an infomercial with the same production values as home-made porn?

I confess to owning a small George Foreman grill. It was a gag gift, but I actually use it for burgers. It does the job, but you need to clean it while it's still hot or forget it.

I also have a Belgian waffle maker, but I think I got that at Macy's.

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