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Been here, worried about that...just keep an eye on your perfect Stedman...my neighbor just spent 4 grand to have 18 inches of bowel, encasing a sock, removed from their Airdale...also...pug is just a vowel away from pig...so I am on constant alert!


Canned pumpkin is used by vets to make sure animals get plenty of fiber in their bowels, rice is neutral, and boiled chicken is a good protein source. It sounds like a perfect purge.


isn't rawhide bad for dogs? or not? makes a gummy obstruction in their tummy?


Pumpkin for diarrhea is the stock answer and has always worked for us, save one exception: the dogs got into some fertilizer, which I guess tastes like doggy caviar, and it really did a number on their stomachs.

Chicken and rice is fine and easy to digest, but I've never changed food. Sometimes a fast - or a half fast - day can help, as well.

Hope Stedman is feeling better soon!!


stopped giving the corgis rawhide long long ago. they eat it way too fast and i was afraid of choking and what you are going through. they often barf grass when they've been out cause, ya know, they are corgis like steds and that means they eat everything. i always take them off all food except rice when they have diarrhea, fiona hates rice - go figure - so she fasts on her own. so far so good. poor steds.


I was told by our vet "no rawhides."

Dogliness does the same list of stuff Stedman did above, PLUS she eats the poops of other animals. Not just diarrhea, but firehose diarrhea, and fairly often.

We just watch to make sure it doesn't go on too long (days?). So far, nothing serious or permanent. No way is she ever going to stop eating wood, poops, and anything else she finds outside. She's a mulching breed.


note - corgis eat horse poop and their noses are so close to the ground there is not much you can do about it. they just open their mouths and scoop as they go - yuck!
all hail the power of pumpkin! i'll stock some, i assume you used canned?


I just remembered something else he was eating over the weekend. We were trying to fill in all the holes he made in the backyard with bagged topsoil and when my daughter wasn't looking, he was licking the dirt-caked trowel she was holding at her side. When she saw that, she said it was Stedman's version of licking the beaters. He did it pretty much all day long - maybe he got bacteria or whatnot from excessive bagged dirt ingestion.

The Proprietor

We do not use chemical fertilizers at home for this very reason (OK, and it also makes the grass grow too fast: bad in the summer, bad for the guy who still mows his own lawn).

Our dogs not only eat stuff on the lawn, they roll around in it.

Of course, organic fertilizer is often made from cow poop, but it usually has been sterilized if you buy the commercial stuff. If you compost your own fertilizer it has whatever bacteria happen to be there.

(Is now a good time to make a "crap shoot" joke?)

Some organic fertilizer is made from things you could safely eat (hmn...). In fact, I ate at a vegan restaurant once and I think they were serving organic fertilizer.

Pesticides and herbicides are obviously bad for dogs, and for you. Steer clear of them.


I've never used pumpkin, but on the occasions when our dog had the runs, we did feed her chicken and rice for a day or two. That usually did the trick. It's easy on their stomach and they tend to want to eat it when they wouldn't eat their regular food.

I can see adding the pumpkin as being a good thing - it's a veggie, it's got lots of Vit A and it has fiber... I can't see a problem at all.

The only drawback is when you put them back on dog food - they look at you with disgust... you can almost hear it:

"What is this swill you want me to eat now? I want you to go back to the gormet food I was getting yesterday!"


Florida Friend

I concur with the comments by previous readers - no rawhides. The rescue lady we got our 3 IG's from was adamant. Pig ears are OK, but expensive. I personally find them gross, but the pooches love 'em.

A TBS. of canned pumpkin or 1cc of Pepto Bismol cures upset tummies. If I see them starting to eat grass I grab the Pepto or Pumpkin.

Recently started giving them a TBS or 2 of plain yogurt. They love it & I figure it may help their digestion. Haven't seen anything negative about that.


One thing about rawhides now that I stop to think of it... only those that say Made in the USA!!! The ones made in other countries can be tanned in poisons which will often make the poor puppies sick. So if your bag of rawhides was made in Mexico or somewhere like that - try some made here and see if that helps.

Our dog chewed USA rawhides without any problems, but she wasn't much of a chewer even when young and hardly at all once she got past the age of about 8.

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