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Those things make me nervous. I'm afraid to know how my mind works.
I'm also afraid of the closet monster.


Refill your own wineglass, but with some Patron Reposado. You will find that it is better than pumpkin....


BHO spray tan abs? Must know more.


my beast takes care of my wine glass for me. i tell him it is the one time each day someone does something for ME :)

hope steds is feeling better today.


Hmmm... that looks like the struggle from this side of the monitor...

Is it wrong of me to not care about O-Hole's abs? Really?


The wine glass?


I shall endeavor to alert Dr. Phil.


I know you're busy but We Need Your Input and Reporter's Nose for more info: BO went for a drive yesterday in his limo in DC. Advance people went through the streets telling them to Get Inside, No Sidewalk Gawkers!!! Friends had to hang out a window to see them pass, couldn't be in the yard.

Never had heard of such Imperial Ways.


THe gold bar in the middle of the arrow thingys is for spinning the whole damn thingy??/

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