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I *so* needed this...!


The girls (Uday & Qusay) are 7 foot tall already? Man, they could play for Rutgers!


Hee. Lovely. That was a great giggle.

Seriously, isn't the oldest one dating already?


"...elder daughter Malaria..."

Bwahaha! And that photo... Holy crap - Was this from a NYT photojournalist? I'm pretty sure it looks like their work. Still, freakishly long legs and all... I just know I'm going to have nightmares.

The whole Trig Palin conspiracy has NOTHING on this girl. Has anyone speculated on the true biological parents of this child? I'll allege she was conceived during a wild romp in the Pacific Northwest.

It could be true...


ROFLMAO! Of course where are the enviroweenies yelling about the Obamas using REAL WOOD instead of recycled coke bottle fake wood???


Late last year as the couple planned the family's move to Washington, they talked about ways to make the historic residence feel more like home for their girls,

A rusty 55-gallon drum barbecue full of greasy pork ribs, some torn curtains and a 68 caddy parked oin the South Lawn should have done the trick...


I think it's that tiny little metal looking plaque on the little cross bar... the print is of course microscopic. The other side has a plaque with only BO's name on it. Heh.


Good God, what in the world does big foot have on? They don't have a dog yet, so what happened to her pants?!


Thank goodness you are "back"...!!!


Patti - she's got water proof/winter type boots on (might even be LLBean duck boots or something like that because we all know that duck hunting is part of the Chicago lifestyle) with the bottom part of her pants tucked in. The older daughter is doing much the same.

Guess they're trying to pretend they're still in Chicago walking around on the streets in the winter puddles and muck. Although my daughter - who bought herself a really cute pair of waterproof boots because she lives in Chicago and must walk in the puddles and muck - pulls that look off much much better. LOL


ah, now i see, thanks


Uday and Qusay! LMAO! Suzette mised her cue when naming one Malaria.

Malaria and Syphilis.

Yeah, I know, I'm rotten to the core.


Every time you write "Malaria" so casually in your Obama posts, I go crazy with delight.

I am FIRMLY IN CAMP 2 but delete the word "poor." Actually I wish there was a CAMP 3: "People Who Don't Like Kids Anyway & Who Don't Think They're The Be-All & End-All Or Even 'Our Future' & Who Would Just As Soon Ignore Them All Especially The Presidential Brats."

Wooden Swing Sets Don't Make Up For It

Children love spending hours in the backyard, playing on their wooden swing set. Too bad these two must be used as little show ponies, trotted out only when its to their parents political advantage. It's great exercise, and of course, is a great alternative to having to look at the ugly mug of that mother of theirs all day.


LMAO at the above comment... and corresponding URL. Someone needs to snap that domain up...!

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