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The Proprietor

Matching jackets for the photo op...

Is there a Congressional Big 'n' Tall Shop?

Has he ever missed a meal?

Can we just get it over with?


Sunny, Splash and Mary Jo

You crack me up!

I'd no idea Kennedy owns PWDs. How very, very convenient. Great investigative reporting, Suzette!


What worries me most about this post is that it's perfectly plausible.

I'd guess "Sunny" or "Splash". Those pet names will scan well with the constituents in the midwest.

And yes, I'd like arugula with that. It's peppery!


Suzette - I adore you. You get the best stuff. I'm in awe.


Boy you should have been a detective !! you missed your calling...


I agree with you...this breed just isn't found in a pound but they are, on occasion, relinquished by owners, usually right back to the breeder who then finds a new home for the pooch...usually with other owner who own other PWDs.

I laughed when I read the comment about opening fridges and cabinets because that's exactly what ours does.

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